Poetry in Motion

Look to The Cross

(Photo Courtesy of Lukas Budimaier)

alone on a mountaintop
The Lone Saviour's Cross sits
ever mindful of mankind's necessity for salvation

look to The Cross
the implement of death
now the symbol of Life Everlasting

Jesus Christ, King of human hearts
can be found in the most unlikely places and times
whether alone or surrounded

look to The Cross


Psalm of Diane

oh, how I bless Your Name, oh God
You enlarge my heart
to hold such deep reverence

enlarge some more
for this container is full
it overflows back unto You

my reverence overflows in the form of tears
in the form of speechlessness and joy unspeakableness
the Glory of my King invades my being

oh, my soul does magnify You, my God
i bless Your Holy, Creative Name!


Is It Really Better?

’Tis better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all.  
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

’tis better, i conclude
to not have loved 
for "love" is a fleeting emotion
here today, gone tomorrow
to experience only briefly what God ordained for a lifetime
is cruel at best
no, ’tis not better
human love is carnal, sensual, whim-changing, variable 
     with a mood

what ’tis better, i conclude, what is best
is God’s highest form of Love, His Agape, unconditional Love
flowing to me and out through me

Agape Love is spiritual, foundational, beyond poetry
beyond emotions
beyond descriptive words
a ruling factor of my life
is God’s Agape flowing outward from my heart
it is the food of my life
the air that i breathe; the water that hydrates my dry and thirsty 
it is what completes me, motivates me, sustains me

’tis better i know
for i have experienced the two
and far better is the latter and my choice

and should there be a man who has experienced the two
and also has chosen the latter
whose outflow is a continuous river
regardless of to whom
then and only then
will i consider 
taking a risk on the losing
to be able to say ’tis better to have loved and lost than not at all



  1. well said, my friend, well said.....I love the flowing water heart..


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