Saturday, February 3, 2018

Umm...Confirmation Please

This is my first blog post from my now new life down in North Carolina. My first day in Charlotte, which was only two days ago, I received two confirmations that I am supposed to be a Charlottean now rather than a New Yorker. 

1.  Feb.1st was the move-in day.  Alece (my daughter) and I slept in a hotel the night before.  We left the hotel at the crack of dawn to get some breakfast at Panera Bread.  We ordered breakfast for us and a take-out order of coffee and bagels, etc. for the moving men.  The total came to $50. 34.  I dig in my wallet, and I had a $50 bill but no change.  Nor any singles.  I apologized to her and said I had to give her another 20.  She replied, "No no."  She dug into her pants pocket and pulled out change and dropped it into the register as she said, "Welcome to Charlotte!"   I was so blown away!  It was a tear-filled eye moment for me.

2.  Later that day, Alece and I had to go to the local cable company to pick up my box.  In that area was a diner, "where the locals come to eat." Oh, man...we walked in, and it was packed to capacity.  We had about a 15 min. wait.  So, the hostess chit-chatted with us.  I told her I just moved down here from NY. "Where in NY?"  "Long Island."  "Where on Long Island?" "Wading River."  "Wading River?!"  That was the beginning of our long convo.  Not only was she from Wading River, Regina Weiss had the same last name as my maiden name; and her grandparents owned a summer home one block from where my grandparents (Gussie and Eddie Weiss) had a summer home in Wading River - where I spent summers, where she spent summers. 

Coincidence?  NO!  GOD. 

Plus: all the wait staff used iPads to take our order.  Wow!  I'm now in the 21st century.  It makes Long Island seem as if it were in the dark ages. And the food...probably one of the best diners I've ever eaten in.  What a burger! And so began my start here in Charlotte.

So...when ya'll come down to visit, you know where we will be going. 

3.  Yesterday (on my second day here) was confirmation #3.  We went into the leasing office to take care of some business.  There was a young man (maybe in his 30's) at another desk.  While Colleen was on the phone, I tuned-in to his convo at the other desk.  I turned around and asked, "Are you just moving in?"  "Yes."  "Me too.  I just got here from NY."  "New York?  I hate NY!"  "Well, I love my New York."  With that, he jumps up and says, "I have something in my car I want to give you.  I'll be right back.  Don't move."  As he ran toward the door, he said, "I've had this in my car for six months.  I guess it is meant for you."  He comes back in and hands me a white mug that says, "I (red heart) New York."  As I respond, he threw his arms around me and hugged me.  Actually, we hugged twice.

I had said to myself previously that I have to get something that says, "I (red heart) NY.  Abba saw to it that I got something.  Another tear-filled eye moment. 

And so, I begin today (day three) with a tired, but very grateful heart.  Grateful for the confirmations.  Grateful for my son, Michael, who helped pack me up and my daughter, Alece, who put her life on hold to travel to NY on moving day and then drove down with me to help me get settled in.  She is a work-horse.  We got so much accomplished in two short days. We worked hard and laughed easy. 

I am where I am supposed to be.  Thank You, Abba, for my now new life. 

Ya'll come down now, ya hear! 

Because of Him and Unto Him,


  1. Where you need to be - - and where God places you is just the right spot on this earth. Hey Diane, you will be talking like a true southern lady very soon. The accent is catchy. Love you.

    1. Hi Hazel! Thank you for reading and commenting. It is a pleasure to hear from you! I don't know if I'll ever lose my NY accent. coffee will always be "cawfy". LOL..

  2. I love the south the open way they love, I agree with Hazel you might start talking different...

    1. People are certainly different down here. Everyone smiles, talks to you, waves hello. In NY, rarely, rarely do you see that. So, this lifestyle certainly does suit me as a human being.

  3. I most of all am glad that our father brought you here my dear friend and sister. But wait a minute of all my years here I didn't know of a diner, you must show me where.

    1. My Isabel! What a nice surprise to find you here. YES, we must go! Hopefully, Alece can tell us where, cause I'm clueless at this point.


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