Friday, January 19, 2018

From a Battlefield Handbook

Have you ever been battle weary?  I have.  Many.  MANY times.  And that is because I've battled in the flesh and/or half-hearted in The Spirit. And when it was over, I felt like I was bruised and beaten by unseen foes.

Have you ever been discouraged that God seems to not hear or move on your behalf?  I have.  And discouragement comes for the same reason.

When battles are truly waged via The Spirit of God, there is no weariness.  But, there are results.  RESULTS!  I could write a book about the times when I have waged war in the heavenlies via The Spirit of God within me and there have been miraculous results.

Painting by Agnes Cecile
This painting reminds me of someone who is battle weary.  Look at the bruised knuckles and the dark circles under her eyes.  She has battled; kind of like we do as Christians (in the natural, in the flesh), ending with us being bruised and beaten down.

Several weeks ago a friend called me.  I did not know it at the beginning of the call that he was most discouraged and lacking faith at the moment for a miracle he had long been believing for.  Just as we were hanging up, he spoke out his fear.  I (just so happened I was feeling the same as him for his situation) shared that I, too, felt the same way.  In that moment, our call was cut off.  

Within moments, I had a revelation from The Spirit of God about how we left off - having spoken such defeat to each other.  I emailed him to call me ASAP.  Thankfully, he called within an hour or so.  When I  answered the phone, I first apologized to him and then told him not to speak a word, just listen and agree by faith.  And by The Spirit of God, I took authority in the spirit realm.  I went to battle.  And NOT in my flesh.  It was productive and so powerfully effective that he was in tears on the other end of the phone because faith was rising.  And rising.  AND RISING.  In him.  In me.  We spent the last part of our call just praising God for the outcome we were once again able to see with the eyes of our hearts.

Today he called to share that the miracle that he and his family have long believed would come, came.  Today.  A few weeks after that powerful heavenly battle took place.  I do believe had we not taken authority over the negative, binding words we spoke and the devil's interference, his long-awaited miracle would still be in the unmanifested waiting zone.  Our battle in the heavenlies allowed God's army of angels to do what they had been waiting to do. 

Tonight, this girl is NOT battle weary.  Tonight, this girl is just grateful.  Grateful for the outcome.  Grateful for the lesson learned on the battlefield of life.  Grateful that I serve The God of Miracles.  Grateful that Abba Father called me to be an Intercessor - His watchman on the wall.  Grateful for The Spirit of God Who lives, rules, and reigns from within me - not out there in the cosmos somewhere, but right here from within my being.  And most grateful that the battles belong to Him.

P.S.  I just purchased this piece of art.  It will hang in my new home as a reminder that the battles belong to The LORD.  


  1. If there is anyone I could say could write a battle handbook it is you Diane. Your open honest life has been a testament of how true saints of God deal with the battle. Oh you have got knocked down a few times but you always rise with more battle scars full of resolve to continue on in the battle because you know Jesus has won the victory for us in the end. Here a battle, in heaven the victors dinner. Great post sister, great post.

    1. Thank you, Betty! Oh, we all will sit at His banqueting table! Hallelujah!


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