Sunday, January 7, 2018

Yes, LORD, Yes

"Not my will, Your will be done."  How many times have we read that Scripture?  Sung that verse as a lyric in a song?  Or spoke it to The LORD in prayer, or just glibly declared it amongst friends?  Well, Abba takes our words most seriously whether we do or not.  When Abba finds a heart that He can count on to truly mean "not my will, but Your's be done", He orchestrates circumstances.  Like chess pieces, He maneuvers us.

And we don't realize how painful obedience can be until we are asked to die to self and say yes. I've been in my own Garden of Gethsemane before.  And I'm back here again battling my own heart to look at this maneuvering by God as something to rejoice about. Since the day after Christmas, I've cried out in anguish. Repeatedly. Today, during worship in church, I totally surrendered my will to His.  Come what may, I am His servant first and foremost.  I go where He leads.

After church, I emailed my friend, Don, and mentioned I heard that the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC is very scenic and I'm looking forward to driving it.  He then sent me this photo that he had taken during sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Photo Courtesy of Donald Case
Oh, how I love mountains and sunrises.  This is what awaits me on my new venture.  Oh, how my heart is now able to rejoice for I now know His goodness - if in no other way other than in the mountainous sunrises and sunsets - has gone before me and awaits me getting there.

Thank you, Don.  Abba used one of your photos once again!  And I thank You, Abba, for Your Grace - poured out to me and over me - truly IS sufficient.  And we journey on together.  

Excitement is beginning to mount.

Because of You and Unto You,


  1. It is beautiful Diane even where there is no snow. I say that because I am sure you are checking the weather and road conditions. I will be praying for you my friend as you journey to a set of God made mountains to climb and valleys to walk through where the grass is thick and deep.

  2. Oh, my Betty, I love you and your encouraging words! Thank you for always reading and commenting. I appreciate you.

  3. I would love to travel by car through some scenery like that. Even stop for a few days.
    I made that same commitment a few weeks ago. You are right, The Father does take our words on a serious note. Ask and ye shall receive, amen?

  4. Amen, Eddy! I've lived on Long Island, NY, my whole life. Rarely ever traveled off of it. God has literally pushed me out of the nest. Going somewhere I know absolutely nothing about. This is a great challenge to my soul. But, Abba knows, I only want His absolute perfect will in my life. And so...I"m flapping!

    1. Thanks for stopping over to read and comment, Eddy. I appreciate it!


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