Sunday, December 31, 2017

Think Vertically

Photo Courtesy of Donald Case

Life can be a hot-mess sometimes.  Don't you agree?  It can be kind of like the tree on the left.  Sometimes it's hard to focus, as life draws us into multiple directions all at the same time. 


But, the straight vertical lines of the background trees are kind of like our communication with God.  A straight line from the hot-messes directly to The One Who Can Do Something About Those Messes.  All we have to do is focus in on Him.

As this year draws to a close, may the new year bring forth more clarity, faith, and joy even in the midst of any hot-messes you may encounter.  Think vertically.  

God bless you and Happy New Year!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Friday, December 15, 2017

Singed Loveliness

Photo Courtesy of Gianni Zanato

The beauty of this white rose has not diminished because of its singed petals. It seems to, somehow, add to its beauty. It seems to define it somehow as it makes the petal's swerves and crevices more pronounced.

The same with you and I. As we get "signed" by life's circumstances, we have two ways of looking at that which has seemingly burnt us.  "Yes, I'm now disfigured" or "Look how unique I now am".  The singe-ing of our hearts and souls can cause a type of disfigurement or we can allow the searing to adorn us - adding loveliness to our souls.

It's always about choice.

I choose the latter.  How about you?

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, December 11, 2017

For Crying Out Loud

...Jesus, The Mediator of The New Covenant, and to the Blood of Springling that speaks better than that of Abel. ~Hebrews 12:24b
God told Cain that Abel's blood cried out to Him from the ground. (Genesis 4:1-16)  What were the cries of Abel's life-force? Vengence?

Think of Cain for a moment.  He had never ever experienced blood before. When he struck down his brother and Abel's blood spilled from his body, I can imagine how the red stuff must have shocked him and stiffened him momentarily.  But, with no police, no laws in place, Cain didn't think this act would bear consequences.  Until God Almighty tells Cain that Abel's blood cried out to Him. Phew...I can imagine how fearful Cain must have been, not understanding what we know about blood and DNA today.  Due to our revelations of DNA, we know that blood does "speak". 

So, Jesus' sprinkled Blood speaks better things than Abel's did.  What does His Blood say? Forgive, for you are forgiven? Believe, for My Eternal Blood was shed in place of yours?

We know there is a life-force in blood.  We know DNA speaks.

So, if Jesus' Blood is Eternal, it still has Life and It still speaks to anything we declare that Blood over.  There is an authority in His pure, holy, life-giving Blood. An authority which annunciates to whatever we are in need of.  It bears witness to the Goodness, Faithfulness, and Love of our God. 

Oh, yes, Jesus Christ's Blood is still crying out loud. Do we hear it?  Do we allow His Blood to speak into our adverse circumstances?  Into our minds as the enemy of our souls invades our thoughts? Do we appropriate His Blood - His authoritative, Life-giving Blood - over ourselves, our loved ones, and our circumstances?

Birth is a bloody mess.  Dying can be a bloody mess.  His "mess" is our solution, our benefit.  Thank You, LORD, for your Blood that still speaks over my life.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mary, Can We Sit and Chat Please?

Mary, would you like a cup of tea while we chat?

I know you weren't at the foot of that Cross for your sake - for what mother could endure such horror?  You were there for your Son's sake.  Only the love of a mother could withstand such unspeakable horror so that her Child would know she was there with Him - enduring her own soul's torture for His sake.

Mary, mother of the Son of Man/Son of God, did you know when you birthed your Baby Boy that He was born just to die?

Did you understand what it meant when you were told a sword would pierce your own soul?

How did you endure witnessing such torturous treatment of your innocent Son without your heart imploding from anger and hatred?

How did you get through such inexpressible brokenheartedness?

Did you ever have regrets in the way you raised Him or things you said or didn't say?

At what point did He switch from your Son to your Saviour?  You, from mother to Disciple?

Oh, Mary, the questions I have for you...

If anyone can understand the brokenness of a mother's heart, it is you.

Mary, I do believe you would whisper to me, "Abba's Grace is sufficient to endure. His Grace overrides when nothing within self desires to go on, when grief is all-consuming, when there are more questions than answers, when anger for the brutality, betrayal, and abandonment of other human souls tries to consume you. Father's Grace is working in your life when you don't see it, feel it, understand it. For Grace means He infuses you with Himself one step at a time, one minute at a time."

More tea, Mary?  For I have more questions for you.

Diane, let's save the chat and tea for a future date when we are together. We will have all Eternity to share, for I have questions for you, my sister. As women, you and I are not too much different from each other. Just as I needed Abba's Grace, so do you to endure your life's circumstances. So does all mankind. That surely is the answer. The only answer.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,