Monday, October 19, 2020

Do You Do It?

For I received from The Lord that which I also delivered to you: that The Lord, Jesus, on the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, "Take, eat.  This is my Body which is broken for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.In the same manner, He also took the cup after supper saying, "This cup is the New Covenant in My Blood.  This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me."  ~ 1 Cor. 11:23-26

Often, I partake of Holy Communion with a friend.  Over the phone, as we live in different states.  Tears flowed from both of us last night as we remembered all that Jesus has done for us; all that His broken and bruised Body and shed Blood affords us. 

We did not rush.  Our celebration of remembrance lasted over 20 minutes.  Through it, we talked to The LORD and worshiped.  Our hearts humbly rejoiced in The God of our Salvation.

"Do this in remembrance of Me."  

My mother died when I was 19.  Her name, her life was never spoken again by anyone in my family. That saddens me to this day - almost a half a century later.  And it is something I do not understand.  It was as if she never existed. 

Oh, how I treasure remembering my Lord through Communion.  I often speak of Him and speak to Him about what He did for me via His torture and crucifixion.  I think about what Jesus was telling His Disciples on that very last meal He ate with them.  

During last night's celebration of remembrance, I realized that the gift of what society terms "Holy Communion" is for the here and now - while we live on planet earth.  Once we get to planet Heaven, there will be no need to remember.  

The intimacy of it is for the here and now.  And IT IS, OH SO INTIMATE.  

One of the highlights of my life was going to the home of an elderly man.  He had been divorced as a young man, and the Catholic Church excommunicated him.  Nearing the end of his earthly life, his desire was to partake of Holy Communion one more time.  

As I administered it to him, he wept.  And wept.  And wept.  It truly was Holy.  As I said goodbye to him, he thanked me for "this gift" I gave him.  He said he would never forget it.  Neither have I.  Neither has our Lord, I'm sure.

The celebration of remembrance should not be a church-only ritual but an intimate time with The One Who gave us His Life for us.  Anytime.  Any place.  Here.  Now.  

Oh, Abba, thank You for THE tremendous gift of Your Son.  Jesus, thank You for what You did for humanity - for ME!  Holy Spirit, thank You for always making my celebration of remembrance so very, very special; for the revelations you have given me over all these years through partaking.  Thank You for giving me a friend who feels as I do about it and worshipfully partakes with me.  I love You, LORD, and I appreciate all You have done for me.

Because of You and Unto You,

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Treat Others with the Goodness of God

At a prison last fall, I waited over 2 hours for the inmate to come into the visiting room.  I was assigned a seat on the first row of chairs.  I was facing the wall.  No changing seats allowed or walking around.  Not much to look at on that green cinderblock wall that I became intimate with.

So, I sat and sat and sat.  Smiling.  I ended up engrossed in a card game going on at the table of four next to me.  I sat.  Smiled.  Hummed.  Silently worshiped and prayed.  

I refused to get angry even though I was clueless as to what was happening.  My spirit-man was filled with God.  His Presence was tangible.   Him and I were having "church" as I waited.

An inmate, whose job was maintaining the cleanliness of the table and chairs, came over and asked who I was waiting for.  He went to the C.O's to check on where the inmate was.  Ten minutes later, the inmate came in.  Very upset.  No one told him he had a visitor.  Since he was expecting me around 9 AM, he kept calling my phone.  Calling and calling and getting no answer, as my phone was in my car (you are not allowed to bring phones into the prison).  So,  he was thinking of some dreadful scenarios.

Upon seeing my smiling, peaceful face, his own demeanor calmed right down.  It was immediate as if he turned off a light switch.  Had I given in to impatience, both of our "out of joint" emotions would have fed off of each other.  We discussed what happened but because I had refused to be upset, we ended up having a wonderful, joyful time of fellowship, and ministry.   

During our visit, the lieutenant came over to us.  He first addressed the inmate.  With his hand on his shoulder, he apologized profusely and gave his word that it would never happen again.  Then he turned to me in the same manner.  I was still smiling.  He must have taken notice that I was not angry or unkind or demanding because he thanked me for my gracious attitude.                                                                                                                                                                              In a day and age when tempers flare-up over every little thing and frustrations abound, may we allow the goodness of God (The Fruits of His Spirit) - that we are adorned with - to be our billboard sign for Him.  May our lights so shine - not be snuffed out by our own flesh behaving like everyone else's flesh.
People are watching us.  Respect was given to both of us that day by the lieutenant.  I wonder how that day would have turned out had I allowed my flesh to react in an insulant manner.  Truly, there was more of Jesus that day and less of me. Thank God!

Abba, I give You all the Glory for what You have done within me this far in my life. May I continue to walk out this life's journey by Your Spirit and not my own flesh.  Thank You for where you brought me from to where I am with You now.  I truly desire to be less, so that Your Character shines brighter and brighter through me, like a lighthouse in the darkness. 
Because of Him and Unto Him,

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Profound Thank You, Gale Sayers!

Gale Sayers.  Brian Piccolo.  Football.  Friendship.  African American and white integration.

Gale and Brian were the first African American and white NFL football players to room together back in the '60s.  

When I was in high school, I saw the movie Brian's Song on TV, which led me to read the book I am Third, by Gale Sayers.  The movie was based on Gale's book.  It was an extraordinary story about Gale's friendship with Brian on and off the football field.   It is of a very rare Jonathan and David friendship.  

And their friendship profoundly affected the trajectory of my life. 

Brian died from brain cancer at age 26.  Just before his death in 1969 Gale was awarded football's "most courageous athlete" after his recovery from a knee injury.  His thank-you speech was all about Brian and that he should have been given the award.  The following day, Gale gave his trophy to Brian who was near the end of his earthly life.  

The friendship between these two NFL, black-and-white players was exceptional for the era they played pro football in.  

This morning I heard the news of the death of one of the greatest running backs of all times -  Number 40, Gale Sayers. 

It immediately brought me back to my bedroom as a young teenager.  On an old manual typewriter, I typed out words from Gale Sayers' book.  Then I cut around the small-phrase on that big sheet of paper and put scotch tape around it to preserve it.  I put it in my wallet and over 50 years and many wallets later, it remains in my wallet still.  

I even wear a symbol of that saying around my neck: 3rd 

My life was formed around this:  "God is first.  Others are second.  I am third.

It has formed my relationships and how I treat people; my many decades of volunteer service to pastors and ministries;  serving my husband while he built his businesses and allowing my children to follow their hearts to the mission field; and the fact that my home was (and still is) open to those needing a refuge, a resting place. 

I shed a couple of tears this morning.  Not for the passing of Gale Sayers, but for the fact that I believe he and Brian Piccolo have been united once again.  I pictured them running toward each other and chest-bumping in the air.  Laughing and hugging.  

Their friendship was an example of what Jesus has taught us: to love one another and bear one another's burdens; what it means to lay down your life for a friend; to love and serve those considered "Samaritans".  

Thank you, Gale Sayers. One day I will thank you in person. 

May I continue to live my life as you did, being third. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Carefree Days of Picnics and God's Foret-me-nots

Oh, the carefree days of picnics.  Growing up, my family never once went on a picnic.  But, as an adult, my church did a picnic once years ago.  Just a day of fun. Together.  It WAS fun.  I "played" like I was a kid and ate hot dogs and salads until I could bust. Just remembering that gratifying day, puts a smile on my face.

Long Island's East End, it is like vineyard ally.  The North Fork and South Forks, have a combined total of over 50 vineyards.  Truly relaxing and pleasant are those days-gone-by for me.  Gratifying memories of packing up a charcuterie "picnic" basket to take with us to surprise our friends with the goodies inside, listening to live music, nibbling on delightful treats, having a glass of wine mixed with the laughter with our good friends restored our souls from Joe's focused work week and my ministry week.  It was something we both looked forward to come the end of the workweek.

It's a rare and gorgeous Long Island-morning here in Mooresville, NC today.  My door is open allowing the fresh, cool air to circulate.  I guess that is why the memories are stirred up.  

God loves it when we remember what He has done for us, just as we do with the pleasant memories we have.  He yearns for us to stir up the memories of His Goodness and Grace toward us, just as I love it when my children reminisce about the good times we had as a family.  Our Abba is no exception as a Father. His desire is for us to remember how He came through for us; how He extended Mercy, Grace, or a reward to us showing how deep and wide His Love is for us.  For no other reason than it puts a smile on our faces. 


For it to build up trust in times of need.  

Thank You, Abba, for all the good memories I have of my walk with You.  Even if the memory begins with something traumatic, the ending is ALL YOU and how YOU came through for me.  How could I not have such expanded joy in my soul?  Just thinking of You, LORD, puts a smile on my face; just remembering what You, Jesus, did on the Cross for ME delights me to partake of Communion.  So, I remember and never forgot.  Thank You, LORD, for all the wonderful memories.  I pray I never forget-YOU-not.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The LORD Came Down

God speaks to me through HIGHLIGHTED words.  When He is trying to get something across to me, He has used a sign on the road where a word or two are like neon lights; or a Scripture verse where a word or two seems as if He highlighted them.  

The LORD directed me to move to NC just like that.  A sign on a wall with one word in neon.  The LORD brought about one of my most major inner healings at a cemetery where two words on my mother's tombstone stood out to me  in neon.

It happened this morning as I read this Scripture verse Exodus 3:8:  "So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a good and large land."  

Immediately, I knew I had to write.  "COME DOWN -  TO BRING THEM UP"

Jesus came down to bring us up!

Jesus came down so that we could be brought up
He came down to bring us up to Heaven.  But, He did not just come down for the sake of our spirit's eternal Home.  But, also for the here and now.  

Jesus brings us up in life by healing us, restoring us,  delivering us, renewing our minds.  He lifts us up higher and higher closer to Him; up out of the muck and mire of life's circumstances; up and out of various bondages we find ourselves in; up and out of the mindsets and habits that experience has molded us into.

Jesus' desire in doing so is to make us more and more into His Image (John 3:30; 2 Cor. 3:18); and more and more into the image He had in mind before we were ever formed in our mother's wombs.  We are birthed, and then people and life change us from God's original design of who we are.  We get molded by family and circumstances.  And sometimes, The LORD just needs to undo some of that to bring us to His unique design of us and more into the conformity of His image and likeness.  Back to His original design of us.  

He came down to lift us up.

Oh, Abba, You know how grateful I am of the revelation You gave while I was in hiding regarding Your original design of me   And how I can never repay you for all the deliverance and inner healing you have brought to my life to free me and bring me back toward Your original creation of who I was supposed to be.  I bow my heart to You oh, LORD.  I am so, so grateful.  And may who I now am, glorify Your Holy Name. Indeed, You sent Your Son down so that He would bring me up.  Thank You, Abba, Thank YOU, THANK You!

Because of You and Unto You,

Sunday, August 2, 2020


A brand new website has started up. For bloggers. They have quite a few sections you can write under including Christian. It literally is brand new.  Want to join as an editor or writer?  Check them out.  If you specifically want the Christian section:

Encourage your followers, please, to read the articles if you like them.  Aroono needs to gain momentum.  

And if you desire to be published, all articles we write are considered published works.  

Thank You and Happy Writing!  Diane

Friday, July 24, 2020

Father, May I...

during the day
throughout the night
Your Presence surrounds me
Your Word convicts me
Your Goodness towards me causes a longing to be more like You

our Oneness produces a loathing of this world's systems
causing my steps to be of Your Kingdom
"righteousness, peace, joy" -
reflecting Your character of Goodness and Love
resulting in Joy unspeakable and inner Peace

Your Goodness adorns me
Your Love causes me to know I am adored by You
Your Spirit leads and guides
not only in time and space of circumstance
but into our profound unity of Oneness

You lead me onto the path of Your Goodness and Mercy
not to just stroll along "la-de-da"
not to just receive Your rewards and blessings
but to BE Goodness and BE Mercy
BE a blessing unto others

Us - Father and daughter
deeply loving one another
with a giving/receiving unceasing flow
together we sit in the stillness of predawn
as Your adoring nature floods my being

hadarah = Adored and Adorned 
it flows both ways
I adore You, therefore I adorn You with my worship
You adore me, therefore You adorn my soul with Your Likeness and Goodness
bringing out the best from within me - YOU! 

Abba, may I...

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Sunday, July 5, 2020

History Has Its Eyes on Me

"History has its eyes on you" was sung over and over in the NYC Broadway production of  Hamilton (which can be viewed on Disney+).  It resonated within me.
History or we can say "those who have gone before us" have their eyes on us (The Body of Christ).  And what are they seeing of us?

We are called living "epistles" and that we are "read by all men" (2 Co. 3:2-3).  So, history, present-day, and all the tomorrows to come, our lives are "read" by others.  What is our life revealing about us?

Does my life glorify the goodness of our Father?
Is faith, coupled with actions, seen is me?
Have miracles been an earmark of my life?
Has my life been markedly different than the world's system of doing things?
Do I live what I preach, teach, or write?
Am I a succulent example of the Fruits of God's Spirit - so much so - that others would
    desire to taste?
Is my life a "book" worthy of reading and gleaning from?

History has its eyes on you.  On me.  Decades from now, who would want to tell my story?  Will it be a story worth telling; worthy of a nugget that will resonate in someone's soul?

Oh, LORD, my LORD, have Your Way in me that this might be true of my life.  That YOU, oh, GOD would be glorified through me; that my life of faith would be active and not dead; that Your miracles would continue to be the earmark of my life.  May I continue in Your Strength, oh LORD, to live opposite of this world's system and that I would live what I preach.  Oh, LORD, may the Fruit of Your Character be evident in me and succulent to others.  Make my life a book worthy of reading to Your Glory and Honor, Abba.  

Abba, may my life be an act of worship unto You.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Car Keys? YES. Mask? YES. Don't Forget THE SHINE!

I do not like masks.  Whether they be the natural-face kind or the material COVID ones we are now commanded to wear.

Humans are used to wearing "masks" of the facial kind to cover up what we are really thinking or feeling. Since what played out in my life of the last years, I now abhor secrets.  And masks.  Masks that are "worn" to cover up secret identities, plots and plans, and lifestyles.

And I hate these material masks we must now wear when out in public.  

I looked someone in the eye today at the post office and smiled (as I always do).  She could not see that I was smiling due to the mask covering my nose and mouth and she reacted offensively and very vocal that I was looking at her. 

Her verbal reaction was aggressive and it scared me at that moment. The hair on the back of my neck stiffened.  I put my head down and apologized.  For what?  What did I do?  Smile?!  I did not figure it out until I was back in my car.  I apologized for the smile she could not see and that must have scared HER.  

Not being able to read someone's countenance, changes the way we perceive them.  I need to remember that! 

Tensions are running high out in communities.   
These are definitely highly-agitated times when unseen smiles can cause outbursts of the not so pleasant kinds.

I don't want to be turned into a robot who walks around without looking passerbyers in the eye nor smiling or bidding them a good day.  I greet people as I walk by them and always smiling.  Is that simple graciousness being taken from me?

We've been forced into more than social distancing, we're forced into less friendliness or common courtesy.  Smiling (unseen), I held the door for a man behind me today, too.  He hesitated to grab the door.  We were at a stalemate for a moment.  I finally let go of the door, not understanding.  Again, until I was in my car.  He was not going to grab the door if my hand was still on it cause I might have cooties.  

Common decency is now out the door.

I came home and my brain was on "tilt".

What is to become of our American society?  I shudder to think what lies ahead.

All I do know is that we are ONE DAY CLOSER - closer to the second coming of our Lord - and we are given MORE DAYS to shine like a Lighthouse in this darkness that is surrounding us.  

So, let's SHINE!  I'll keep smiling (unseen), I'll keep verbalizing my greetings as I walk by, and I will continue to hold the door for the next person.  Hallelujah!

Remember to put your SHINE on when you walk out the door of your home!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Because of Him and Unto Him,