Wisdom from the Red Letters

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Many are called but few are chosen.  ~Matthew 22:14

Matthew 22:14 is mistranslated.  It does not align with the rest of Scripture.  God calls, I answer but then He does not choose me? That's what this verse (written as it is) implies.  He DOES NOT say, "No, she's not good enough to be chosen by Me"!  NO!

He calls, we must respond.  The word "are" is NOT in the original.  The actual translation of the original Greek of Matthew 22:14 should read, "Many are called, but few choose." 


A new Commandment I give to you that you Love one another as I have Loved you that you also Love one another.  By this, all will know you are My Disciples if you have Love for one another.   

God has never pointed a finger of condemnation at me yet, at the same time, He has never embraced my sin.  What He has done, however, is embrace ME. Totally. Completely. Without reservation. Without conditions. Without condemnation. His unconditional Agape Love of me as a person is what caused me to repent and desire to be a better human being - a loving human being.  We, in turn, are to Love others in the same way.  In. the. same. way.  Free of condemnation or conditions.  

How awesome it is that our Love can result in someone repenting and turning to follow the Love God, perpetuating The Gospel. 




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