Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Language God Speaks

What language does God speak?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

To the Chinese, I'm sure He speaks Chinese.  To the Aussie, He has the Aussie accent.  To the New York Puerto Rican, He speaks Spanish mixed with The Bronx or Brooklyn accents and attitudes.

But, that's not what I mean by that question.  What language does God Almighty, Creator of humankind and the universe, speak?


His language is Love.

So what does the language of Love sound like?

Words that reflect His patience with us.
Words that are kind and have a compassionate tone to them.
Words void of an angry tone, even when correcting us.
Words not of Himself, but of us.
Words of acceptance and tolerance of us in spite of our sins.
Words void of thoughtlessness, therefore, they are very specific.
Words never spoken out of provocation.  And therefore, His Words are never rude or cutting.
Words that edify and build up, encourage and strengthen, comfort and heal even when they are              meant to correct us.
Words of nothing but Truth to lead and guide us through life.
Words of Life and goodness and hope.
Words of caring and concern.

Boundless, embracing, extravagant Love!  In spite of our failures, shortcomings, sins, and choices.  

God's language sounds the same to the Chinese, the Aussie, and to New Yorkers of any ancestral background.

He speaks the same language to all nationalities, denominations, and genders - no matter what their preferences may be.

If it is in the heart, it will speak

He speaks the same language to those who deny Him, who have hardened their hearts against Him, and those who curse His Name and malign His Character.

He even speaks the same language to Believers who think they have the right to judge, point fingers at, and "Bible-thump" others because their sin may be different than their own.

This New Yorker thinks we need to learn how to speak God's language.

The language of LOVE.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


  1. Love it. Need to meditate on this one. Then there's this...

  2. Thanks for reading, Betty and Melanie! I appreciate it.


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