Sunday, June 11, 2017

No Mountaineering for This Girl!

Photo Courtesy of Donald Case

As soon as I saw this photo this morning, a blog post began to stir within me.  Right away I knew it represented the human soul.  

                    the mountain range                      the flower field 
                    harsh                                                gentle                                   
                    dark                                                  colorful                   
                    cold                                                  welcoming           
                    hardened                                        free-flowing
                    immovable                                     transplantable
                    impenetrable                                 whimsical 
                    humorless                                       playful
                    loud like a silent scream              quiet and peaceful                                                                       looms in the background            out front for all to see

There can be two sides to all of us: what we allow others to see vs. what is the "behind-closed-doors" us, which can ever be looming in the background.  

If I center my eyes on the mountain range, it seems to overwhelm the landscape towering and powering over all else.  But, when I center my eyes on the flower field, the mountain range is so in the background that I hardly notice it.  

I do believe in MY soul, the "mountain range" is much more blurred at this stage of life and the "flower field" has emerged the dominating view of my landscape.  However, every now and again I sense the "mountain range" trying to pursue its original potency and forefront position.  But, daisies win out over rock.

Mountaineers gain mastery over mountains by ascending the walls of them.

Through diligent pruning to have succulent fruit bearing, the wildflowers of my soul are free and flowing in the breezes of life. Hopefully, bringing joy and welcoming beholders into the landscape of my life.  I don't have to scale the mountains of my soul to try and conquer them.  By focusing on the beauty and the quiet gentleness of God's Word, mastery over those mountains is attained.  It just happens.

Oh, Hallelujah!  Thank You, LORD, for showing me this today.  Thank you for Don Case's photography that You spoke to me through.  A quiet and gentle spirit (1 Peter 3:3-4) is the landscape of my soul now for which, LORD, I am eternally grateful to You for!  With all that I am, I thank You.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


  1. So so beautiful... And a sweet fragrance to our God, we are, when our souls are healthy!

  2. ... sweet fragrance to ourselves and others, too 🙌

  3. I want to share this with Pastor Yorlet!

  4. As always what ever you share is heartfelt by this sister in the Lord. We seen some beautiful mountains on our way up to Minnesota. But the flatland of Mn. is full of wild flowers. I want to go run in them but I have yet to get Ace to stop the car. My grand daughter brought me some she picked the other day...did my heart good. Keep those thoughts penned down my blog friend, we need to hear from you.

    1. Oh, wow, Betty! I can't imagine all you have seen over all the year's of you traveling this world! Hand-picked wildflowers...what a special gift from her heart to yours. I love you, Betty!


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