Monday, June 5, 2017

Crimson Perception

The color red stirs up all kinds of emotions.  Red is a powerful "power" color and a mood-changing color.  

"It's the color of cupid and the devil, the color of love and hate. It brings to mind hot-blooded anger and Scarlet-Letter shame. It means luck in China, where bridal wear is red, mourning in parts of Africa and sex in Amsterdam's red-light district." (Scientific American)

And there are so many shades of red.  I love a deep blue-red.  When I was ordained I wore a deep blue-red dress.

We associate the color red with Love.  

My OneWord for this year has been "fullness".  I took it from Ephesians 3:16-19.  I desire to be filled with God's fullness - which, of course, is Extravagant Love.

Initially, as I was writing this post, I thought to myself, I want to be "wrapped" in red.  However, now I know I want to have red flowing from me; for God's Love to be so full within me that it overflows outwardly.

This is called an Osiria rose. Rare and hard to find nowadays. Obviously, it is a genetically modified flower.

The crimson inner layer of the petals coupled with the white of the outer layer has an absolutely stunning effect.

Years ago, when I was seeking The LORD's confirmation about whether or not a family member received Salvation on his deathbed, we ordered flowers to be delivered to the funeral home in another county, which had to be FTD'd. When we arrived at the funeral home, Joe and I sat down right next to a large basket of these roses.  (And this basket must have been one of about 50 floral arrangments that lined the three walls of the room.) They were absolutely stunning!  Joe and I marveled at them having never seen roses like this before.  As I went over to inspect them, I read the card.  They were from us!  As I read our names, I heard in my heart. "His sins are washed whiter than snow by The Blood of The Lamb."  (Ps. 51:7)  Confirmation!  A bit later that same night, I got up - much more confidently now - to present the eulogy.

Oh, how we are loved and therefore washed whiter than snow by The Blood of The Lamb of God.  We are adored and adorned by God Almighty.  Hallelujah! 

Because of Him and Unto Him,


  1. It is a stunning rose, I don't think I have ever seen one, but now I will look for them next time I am in a florist. Good thoughts this morning as I read your post Diane. Washed in the blood sounds gross to those who do not understand these truths. Blessings my blog friend.

    1. I chuckled at your last sentence. Never looked at it that way. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Betty! I so appreciate you!


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